Fender Eric Clapton Mid Boost Kit

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Fender® Mid Boost Kit part #0057577000. The kit includes all of the parts needed to upgrade your guitar with the Mid Boost Preamp used on the Eric Clapton and Buddy Guy Strats®

The "Mid Booster" runs on a single 9 volt battery, and battery life is excellent, 4400 hours or more! On a Strat you simply remove the middle tone control, you still require the bottom tone control as this becomes the "Master" tone control for the guitar. Install the Mid Booster in the vacant mid position, the battery fits in the cavity just alongside the 5-way switch so to all intent and purpose, the guitar looks stock from the outside!. All you need is a small soldering iron and a guitar!

Want that BIG FAT Humbucker tone from your wimpy Strat? This is what you need- I use these on Les Paul®s, Strats even archtops with equally breathtaking results- This is a five way rotary switch- Position One is passive off- it removes the circuit from your guitar's signal- now if your battery craps out you're back to normal- Position 2 is the "Active" mode- tonally unchanged, but Low Impedance output- This is what you need to drive a string of footpedals with NO SIGNAL LOSS- Position 3 is the "Rock" setting- it's a solid mid boost with a little bit of gain boost- really drives an amp well, and is a great match for thinner Strat pickups. Position four is the Clapton Mid thing- Enough gain and mid boost to make your Strat ROCK- but not too hot to still hear the attack of the single coil pickups- Position 5 is the "Hard Rock" mode- big mid boost, big gain boost, decent treble boost- turns even a lifeless guitar into a toneful screamer! Want to rock out with a Strat- this is the setting- Even my Vintage Alnico pickups sound like high gain humbuckers in this mode.

Fender® Mid Boost Kit - 005-7577-000 Package Contents:

  • 1 ea 002-8617-000 PCB ASSY Clapton Pre amp
  • 1 ea 002-1682-000 Control 50 K Audio
  • 1 ea 002-8531-000 Control 250 K Special Taper
  • 3 ea 001-6352-000 Nut Hex 3/8-32x3/32 TK NI
  • 3 ea 002-2384-000 Washer Lck Intrl 3/8 x .500 x .040 Ni
  • 1 ea 003-9432-000 Jack Output OPN Stereo Urge
  • 1 ea 099-2052-000 TBX Tone Control
  • 1 ea 005-7578-000 Schematic Wiring Diag Mid Boost Circuit (For Strat® and Tele®)
  • 1 ea 990-3320-000 Bag Zip Poly 10x13 2m